Welcome to the Aerospace Engineering Podcast. Each episode features a conversation with an engineer or researcher working on new technology in industry or conducting novel research academia. The goal of these conversations is to reveal personal stories of innovation in the industry, and to glimpse into the future by discussing the key challenges facing the industry today and promising new technologies to overcome these.

This podcast is supported by SAMPE North America, the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering. SAMPE is a global professional society that has been providing educational opportunities and information on new and advanced materials and processing technology for more than 70 years. The SAMPE network of material and process engineers is a critical facilitator for the advancement of aerospace engineering, by providing a means for information exchange, and preventing the duplication of effort among companies working toward a common goal.

SAMPE organises yearly exhibitions exclusively dedicated to advanced materials and processes. To find out how SAMPE can help you learn more about advanced materials and process, visit SAMPE 2018 or the CAMX expo.

Show notes, links and resources for each episode

Below you can find the full archive of previous episodes, listed from newest to oldest. The embedded links will take you to each episode’s show notes, which provide details of the topics discussed and links to further material.

#3 – Airbus Senior Expert Ian Lane on the A350, Innovation in Aerospace, and Diversity in Engineering

#2 – Prof. Paul Weaver on Shape, Stiffness and Smart Aerospace Structures

#1 – Dr Chauncey Wu on NASA, Rocket Science and Advanced Composite Materials

#0 – Introduction to the Aerospace Engineering Podcast


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