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See below a selection of articles I have published on specific topics. Feel free to read them in order or jump between articles. Each of these series will provide an interesting perspective on a specific topic in aerospace engineering.

Rocket Science
  1. A History of Rocket Science
  2. Operating Principles of Rockets
  3. Fuels, Engine and Nozzle Design
  4. Supersonics and Nozzles
  5. Lightweight Rocket Shells
Jet Engines
  1. The Birth of the Jet Engine
  2. Jet Engine Design and Optimisation
  3. The Compressor
  4. The Turbine
  5. Turbine Cooling
  6. Thrust Reversal
  7. The Scramjet
  8. Afterburning
Composite Materials
  1. An Introduction to Composites
  2. Composites Manufacturing and Autoclave Manufacturing
  3. Sandwich Panels
  4. Composites and Wind Turbines
  5. Non-destructive Testing of Composites
  6. Variable Stiffness Composites
  7. Developments in Composites
Aircraft Design
  1. Evolution of Airplanes
  2. Antifragile Aircraft Design
  3. From Gliders to WWII Fighters
  4. Complexity, Risk and Failure
  5. Why Are Aircraft Not Made of Glass?
Aircraft Structures
  1. A Brief History of Aircraft Structures
  2. Loads Acting on Aircraft
  3. Milestones in Structural Design
  4. The De-Havilland Comet Crash
  5. The Mystery of Wing Twisting
Boundary Layers and Aerodynamic Design
  1. On Boundary Layers
  2. Boundary Layer Separation
  3. What Creates Lift?
  4. The Navier-Stokes Equation
  5. Wind-Tunnel Testing
  6. Aeroelasticity
Human Fallibility
  1. An Introduction
  2. A Case Study

Random Goodies

Not about a specific topic, and not particularly technical. Basically me having fun with different topics related to aerospace engineering:


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