Composite Laminate Analysis Spreadsheet

An Excel spreadsheet that calculates A, B, D matrices for any anisotropic composite laminate, and returns layer strains and stresses for defined membrane loads, bending moments, and thermal loads due to curing cool-down. The user can input laminates with up to 30 layers and define up to eight different layer materials. The spreadsheet is an easy way to get comfortable with classic laminate analysis calculations.

Composite Laminate Analysis Program (CLAP)

CLAP is a MATLAB® routine that performs classical laminate analysis for any general anisotropic layup. The program calculates A, B, D matrices as well as stresses and strains at mid-ply locations and ply-interfaces occurring from mechanical force and moment loading, residual hygrothermal stresses induced by post-cure cool-down and linearly varying moisture distribution through the laminate thickness. The results are output into a results folder and include a text file of layer stresses and strains, and figures of the associated through-thickness stress and strain plots. Before using, please read the attached User Guide, and please reference the program if you use it in your own work/research.


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