“We need to get going into the future in terms of clean aviation” — Kim-Tobias Kohn

On this episode of the podcast I speak to Kim-Tobias Kohn who is a lecturer in Aerospace Engineering at the University of the West of England. Beside his main vocation, Kim is also an avid pilot and runs an electric skateboard startup company. Kim has garnered attention in the media and from aerospace societies in the UK for his unique university project of building an electric glider with his undergraduate students. For obvious reasons, building an electric passenger aicraft that can replace current fuel-powered airliners is significantly more challenging than replacing gasoline cars with electric vehicles. However, there is a growing grass-roots initiative developing in the UK that is attempting to solve some of the regulatory and technical challenges to realise this vision of electric aviation.

So in this episode Kim and I talk about:

  • the unique regulatory framework for experimental aircraft in the UK known as the E-conditions
  • the major technical hurdles that need to be overcome to make electric aviation a reality
  • how the UAV/drone sector is opening doors for larger-scale electric aviation
  • his university project of building an electric glider
  • his dreams for a student-led design, build and fly competition for electric aircraft
  • and much, much more

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This episode of the Aerospace Engineering Podcast is sponsored by SAMPE North America. SAMPE is a global professional society that has been providing educational opportunities on advanced materials for more than 70 years. SAMPE’s network of engineers is a key facilitator for the advancement of aerospace engineering by enabling information exchange and synergies between aerospace companies. To find out how SAMPE can help you learn more about advanced materials and process, consider attending the SAMPE 2018 Technical Conference and Expo in Long Beach, California.

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